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Top Tiger 2018 – 2019

Adelphia Top Tigers

Did you know that our students receive “PAWS” for demonstrating acts of kindness and leadership qualities? Adelphia School proudly recognizes all of these good acts by decorating our hallways with “PAWS”. Ask your children about the “PAWS” they are receiving and be sure to look for our “Top Tiger” each month under this tab. “Top Tiger” is an award for good behavior. Each month, a student will receive a prize after being chosen a “Top Tiger” in the school. Prizes are compliments of the PTA.

Adelphia Elementary School would like to recognize their Top Tigers.


September: Lea Wang – Mrs. Gerrity’s Kindergarten class

October: Alessandra Sciurba – Mrs. Tondi’s First Grade class

November: Vincent Labriola – Mrs. Gonzalez’s First Grade class

December: Oliver Kuder – Mrs. Brown’s Second Grade class

January: Benjamin Frederick – Mrs. Gerrity’s Kindergarten class

February: Ashley Clark – Mrs. Lustik’s Second Grade class