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P.A.W.S. Program

P.A.W.S. – Positive Actions Will Shine!


Program Philosophy

Developing a safe, secure and nurturing learning environment is a responsibility that requires the participation of all members in our community. Students, teachers, staff, administrators and parents must work together to foster a culture that is sensitive to the needs of all students and inclusive of the uniqueness of individuals. The Administrative Team and staff of Adelphia School work in a highly collaborative manner to foster the intellectual, social and emotional growth of your young learners. This is accomplished by approaching character education in a unique manner, Throughout the school year, we design activities that provide our students with varied opportunities to learn how to:

  • successfully and proactively deal with stress and conflict before it becomes a bullying situation
  • resourcefully problem solve in academic and social situations to foster the application of emotional intelligence skills
  • comfortably explore their interests and passions so they understand their uniqueness is something to be cherished and celebrated
  • creatively recognize and support growth on all levels of development (intellectual, social and emotional)

By taking time to instruct out students through creative experiences, we build resiliency and empower them with critical life skills to be successful in any endeavor they choose to pursue. The P.A.W.S./Leader in Me Program enables us to embrace the shared values of our school family and helps us to instill in our students these critical socialization competencies. Our program cultivates the youngest citizens in Howell Township in caring, independent and responsible human beings that successfully and actively participate in a diverse, global community where their positive actions will shine!